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About Kathy


The Journey

My mission is to facilitate healing for the body, mind and spirit

and being of service to others.

The journey into comprehensive wellness began in the 1980's.  My first steps were acquiring knowledge of the body.  I did this as a fitness instructor, teaching aerobics ad weight lifting for 10 years.

The next portion of my journey was to learn how to facilitate healing through the mind/body connection, how to build trust with others quickly, and how to use intuition.  I became a therapeutic body worker, with over 27 years experience as a Licensed & Board Certified Massage Therapist.

My happy place has always been spending time away from the city immersed in nature.  As a mother I introduced horses to my children during a tough time for our family. This is where I discovered the healing power that comes from being in the presence of this magnificent animal.


As a mature adult the next leg of my journey came as I began an in-depth study of the scriptures.  Here I was able to find principles that I respected and trusted.  I found comfort, guidance, learned how to forgive both myself and others.  As an empty nester, I found myself at a crossroads, experiencing family trauma, health issues and challenges within my close relationships.   I felt lost, unwanted, confused and unhappy. 


In 2018, I was introduced to Life Coaching. This gentle, supportive approach helped me understand how powerful our thoughts and beliefs can be.  It was amazing to see how my thoughts were affecting my body, and that my body was really offering beautiful feedback. I had simply lost my way. 


The experience with horses was empowering.  Horses are prey animals, and they have the ability to identify a predator (a predator to a horse can be human or animal that is perceived as threatening) and they will react accordingly.  Horses live in the moment, are non-biased, non-judgmental. I trusted the feedback I was receiving from them.  This experience helped me regain confidence, set better boundaries and find where I could make simple changes in order to experience more joy in my life.

I received my Life Coaching Certification through the Koelle Institute in 2019 and recently underwent additional training with Equine Wisdom Integration Method. 


Together  we will explore thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving you.  This will help you find clarity, confidence and a new perspective in dealing with life's challenges.  Having traveled the path myself, I consider it an honor and a privilege to provide support to you while on the path of self-discovery.

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